How Did Women Change In The 1920's

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The Roaring Twenties, characterized as a progressive era toward changes and advances, it was a start for freedom and independence for women. Women gained political power by gaining the right to vote. They changed their traditional way to be, way to act and dress to gain respect, and the liberty of independence. Society had different ways of ideals and the ways women were willing to do were disapproved of, and it was wrong for lots of different people, including women from the older generation. In the 1920’s women went through a lot of changes that made them a free spirit, changes that made them what they are now and having the liberty of being independent. After the Civil War, women were willing to gain the same rights and opportunities as men. The war gave women the chance to be independent, to live for themselves. Women’s anger, passion, and voice to protest about what they were feeling was the reason of making the ratification of the 19th amendment, which consisted of giving women the right to vote. One of the largest advancement of that era was the women’s movement for the suffrage, which gave them the reason to start earning…show more content…
Young females sought to be more adventurous, they were more outspoken, they weren’t afraid of anything and were always willing to do and experiment new things. The classified “New Woman” started to do activities that usually females never used to do before, they played sports, drove cars and danced. Their attitudes made new radical look on women. Women from older generation started to argue about the new generation of women, and disapproved the things they were starting to do. Some women abandoned the traditional, and followed the new women’s rebellion. Women wanted to obtain college degrees, they wanted to do something different for themselves. The new woman was characterized for their free spirit, and way to think. The new women came to be defined as a
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