Did The Famous Five Change People's Perspective On Women

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In 1919, only 11 Ontario women had managed to have a job in the government. These women had to overcome many obstacles to keep their jobs, but that was temporary. In early 1900s a group of women called “The Famous Five” initiated a case called “The Persons Case”, officially known as the “Edwards v Canada (AG).” The Persons Case began in 1916 when Emily Murphy, was appointed as the first female police magistrate in the British Empire. Later, she also became the leader of the Famous Five, which included; Henrietta Muir Edwards, Nellie McClung, Louise Crummy McKinney and Irene Parlby. The Famous Five changed people's perspective on women by fighting for their rights. The following quote demonstrates how far women were willing to go to receive their rights; “Whenever I don't know whether or not to fight, I fight.” says Emily Murphy proving how seriously she…show more content…
They invented new items, got elected for government jobs and even tried things such as acting and singing. Women's lives were changed forever, which resulted in a controversy within the society. Women today owe The Famous Five for putting up a ten year fight to achieve incredible changes. Women living in that period of time were given a second chance at pursuing their dreams, since most of them were fired or laid off from their wartime jobs. According to statistics from the time “Women were entering universities in large numbers and by 1930, 23% of all undergraduates and 35% of all graduate students were female.” The lifestyle of everyone changed, even men. Men had to learn how to respect the women they were working with which was not easy for many of these male workers because they did not believe women were mentally stable to make decisions in the Senate. Even to this day women are often doubted on whether or not they can complete a job like a man. However, women are well respected and play key roles in our society
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