Explain How Women Came Together To Change The World Essay

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Today women and men right are equal in the United States of America. Imagine if men made all the rules. It was like this when the United States was founded in 1776. Women were not allowed to vote until the 1920s. Women took care of their children and usually remained at home. Their education was limited to learning domestic skills. There were few opportunities for women to obtain an education because only a few colleges or universities would accept a female. Women had no access to positions of power. The equal rights act for women was designed to give equal rights for women, The Equal rights act was written by Alice Paul and Crystal Eastman. During this time women came together to change the world. Women wanted equal rights under the law. During this time slavery just ended in the world. The U.S. wasn't ready for these rights.
Women Came Together To Change The World
Women The equal rights states that women should be treated equal to men with voting, laws, Women's Suffrage movement began in the 1800s. Suffrage is the right to vote. Suffrage is the pivotal right.
The way women earned
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A hundred years ago, congress got attached to the amendment to and slavery and provide freedom to slaves. The 14th amendment, was passed in 1868 guaranteed that all “person” the right to “equal protection under the law”. The second section of the adamant used the words “man citizens”. This was the first time the concussion said that women was excluded. THe 15th amendment in 1870 extending voting to all men but not to women. Two women Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady STanton, were the leaders of the “Women's Rights Convention” . They thought all men and women are created equal, During this time to win women's right to vote, they used strategies including, marches, pickets, arrests, and hunger strikes. I declare to you that woman must not depend upon the protection of man, but must be taught to protect herself, and there I take my
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