How Did Women Gain Power

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Teyanah Cleve Women searching for opportunities to gain power in an oppressive society led to the gender-skew towards women that we see 1692 . Because women were assigned to certain roles, those who attempted to break the mold the Puritans had shaped was at a greater risk of being accused of witchcraft. Although there may have been other factors involved, the power play between the female accused and accusers in a culture that otherwise aimed to restrict women’s dominance led to the potential of increased power for both parties. The afflicted girls transformed from passive adolescents to a massive authority wielding party. During this period, women were stereotyped as frail and weak-minded. They were thought to be more open to sinister forces…show more content…
Women who were accused of witchcraft had the the opportunity to gain influence. Because there was not a lot of options for individuals to escape once convicted, the best action that could do to avoid execution was to confess to being a witch/wizard. “Confessing witches weren 't executed. Instead, they were kept apart from other prisoners, to be called upon in trials when their testimony might be helpful to the prosecution,”(You 're Accused). By doing this, they added credibility to the accusers and put more innocent lives in jeopardy in order preserve their own. Those that helped to enable the opposing part of accusers benefited, at least selfishly. On the other hand, anyone who questioned the honesty of the afflicted girls could potentially put their lives in danger. John Proctor was openly skeptical to the afflicted girls’ accusations. He was quickly arrested for assumed witching but vehemently denied any association. “Such a strong will to oppose the trials proved catastrophic for Proctor and in August of 1692, he paid the ultimate price.”(Essay on John Proctor, Sr.) Others that spoke out on similar beliefs regarding the accuracy of the accusations could suffer a similar fate and Proctor’s execution served as an
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