The Critical Role Of Women In American History

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Women have always played a critical role in the history of many great countries such as America. However, their role has always been overshadowed by male chauvinism and this has blinded the society making it fail to see the achievements and contributions of women to the society and to the nation. The essay below focuses on how women have been able to influence the American history positively by changing how things are done and changing the perception of the community on what women can achieve. The essay below has also focused on specific areas in which women have excelled in and how they have changed the history of America. Women such as Eleanor Roosevelt and Michelle Obama fully redefined the role of a first lady in America. Eleanor Roosevelt was the wife to Franklin Roosevelt while Michelle Obama is…show more content…
The two were greatly involved in changing the society in ways nobody had expected them to since they were women who seemed more of ornamental within the White House. Both of them were involved in the activities of the American people and their social lives. Eleanor, during her time in the White House, established small scale industries that were known as the Val-Kill industries that were meant to uplift the livelihoods of local families that depended on farming. She facilitated them with capital to make items such as furniture and other traditional crafts. This went down in history as an act that changed how the Americans and the world at large viewed the first lady’s role and t the same time she affected the lives of low income earning citizens positively. Michelle Obama also changed the society by following the footsteps of Eleanor Roosevelt. She did this by
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