How Did Women Wear Clothing In The Middle Ages

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During the Middle Ages, or the medieval times, women and men dressed far more differently than we do now. The women wore dresses and the men wore furs and metal chains. There were also classes to differentiate between. These classes included: The Church, the Kings, the barons, and the peasants. The clothing was also affected, just as it in the times now, by the seasons. In the cold season those who were able to afford, or had access too, sheepskin cloaks, wool hats, and mittens wore them for protection from the cold. Those who had these items, but were of lower class would often sleep in them to keep warm. During the wet season they would cover their boots with wooden patens as a form of waterproofing them to keep their feet dry. During summer they would wear the normal daily outfit.…show more content…
For wealthier women they were able to wear flowing gowns with an elaborate head piece. The daily outfit for men somewhat differed depending on class. Peasant men often either wore stockings or tunics. Men of wealthy classes wore hose with a jacket. They would also wear a tunic with a surcoat. Men that were in a religious class also had different types of clothing based on their position in the church. The Though, the traditional habit is a robe with a rope or leather belt tied around the waist. Then you have the knights who wore multiple layers. They wore a Hauberk, a Haubergeon, Sabatons, a Camail, a Chainmail coif, and mitons. A Hauberk is a chainmail shirt that is knee-length. A Haubergeon is a chainmail waist-length shirt. Sabatons are chainmail socks. A Camail is chainmail collar that hangs from the knights helmet. Chainmail coifs are chainmail hoods. Mitons are mittens made out of

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