How Did Woodrow Wilson's Peace Plan Dbq

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Megan Dees
History Common Assignment

When the war began to end, president Woodrow Wilson began to put his peace plan into full effect. The president believed that the cause of World War 1 was due to the fundamental flaws in the international relations of countries. His plan was known as the fourteen points, which showed his vision of what would make world peace. Wilson says that reductions to trade barriers, and fair adjustment of colonies would decrease sentiments that will lead to war. President Wilson proposed an international organization which compromised with all of the world’s nation’s representatives that would help cease any conflict from escalating. Henry Cabot Lodge did not agree with Wilson’s proposal. He tried to get senate
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He believes that we are not isolated anymore, therefore no other countries fear the United States; so we might as well build an alliance system. Due to the alliance system, this will prevent other countries that no longer fear us to invade our land. He wants to do this for the benefit of the country. He believed that The League of Nations “was the only hope for mankind” (Document 2). President Wilson argued that the Treaty of Versailles was definitely going to benefit America, through prevention and protection of attack from other…show more content…
The United States makes great advancements due to helping neighboring countries using our military. I think that we should help out our allies, but i do not think we should send troops to other countries that do not need our help. If the country comes onto our territory, then we should battle them. We should not send troops over and fight them on their territory, we should be prepared for them to come to ours. My uncle is stationed over seas, so I do not get to see him very often. If the troops were not sent to other countries that do not need our help, I would get to see him more. I do not think we should mess with ISIS unless the try to mess with us. I think we should be prepared in case they do, but we should not be in their territory attacking them. America’s role should be to help out our allies if it is needed, other than that we should stay out of foreign affairs.
President Woodrow Wilson presented a treaty that lead to the ceasing of World War 1, to America, who wanted to remain isolated. Henry Cabot Lodge was against his treaty, and the League of Nations due to tradition, and a lack of clarity. This lead to America not joining the League, and staying isolated from foreign
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