How Did World War 1 Affect Canada

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World War One was a huge event in World History, and it is widely considered as a terrible thing although it may not be as bad as you may think. As time continues, society evolves. This centuries evolution could be inspired by and correlated alongside World War One. Seeing what Canada is today, it may not have been possible without the First World War. The First World War had the most significant impact on the Canadian nation, changing it for decades to come. This is evident because of how Canada could be less respected if it wasn’t for their war contributions, how women’s rights could have been different or non-existent, and how Canada could not have gained it’s independence from Britain. In conclusion, World War One impacted Canada greatly …show more content…

The first point of proof of this is how the Canadians helped with Somme. This battle is remembered because of the over 2.2 million soldiers killed, wounded, or missing over the full 2 battles (Christie, 1). Canadians (and Newfoundlanders) usually fought alongside the British and they helped take this land with their courage. This lasted from July 1st to November 18th (Gootz, 7-8). Canadians also played a big part in taking Ypres. This was the first ever battle where gas was introduced. It was brought by the Germans and swept the French trenches (Christie, 9). The French retreated and the Canadians had to hold down the trenches. Germans attacked when the gas cleared and the position was held by The Royal Highlanders from Montréal. Because of Canada’s selfishness, they helped win this battle. “We have shown that even in trench warfare it is possible to mystify and mislead the enemy.” -Sir Arthur Currie (World War 1). The most vital and important battle that gained Canada respect was The Battle of Vimy Ridge. Canada played the biggest part in taking this area since they fought alone. The British and French had already attempted to take this area, and although it was valiant they still lost. This put weight on Canada’s soldiers. On April 9th, 1917, 1000 guns opened fire on German positions. 15000 Canadians attacked the Germans and after four days and 10000 casualties, Canada single handedly took Vimy Ridge (Vimy Ridge, 1). This victory gained the nation immense respect from the rest of the world. All of these battles were greatly impacted by the Canadians and without some of them (Vimy Ridge in particular) Canada may not have gained any respect from other

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