How Did World War 1 Affect The Development Of Technology

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How World War 1 affected the development of technology
War and conflict tend to accelerate invention and innovation. During the World War 1, there was a significant illustration and application of technical skills regarding warfare technology. Some of the distinct activities recognized include the technical and massive production of weapons and the application of industrialization in exploring large machinery to be used in the war. According to research, the technological trend of applying science in producing weapons started way back during the American civil war where the American strategists and soldiers tested newly manufactured weapons in the events of smaller conflicts. Many analysts liken the military science used in the early days of World War 1 to the 20th-century technology. It is because, the ideas used in the 20th century and the 19th century seem to apply the same logic though using different approaches, environments, innovations, and resources.
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During the war, wounded soldiers and victims who lost blood died due to lack of blood or sustainable donors who would donate blood. At this time there were no means of storing blood and transfusion was done directly from donor to recipient. For this reason, researchers from New York started to study on how they would store and preserve fresh blood. As a result, they realized that salt solution would preserve fresh blood while sodium citrate would prevent blood clotting. In the application of this methodology, the medics started storing blood but with great difficulty because the blood would only be fresh for less than 28 days. The first stored blood was used in Belgium in 1917 where Dr. Oswald Robertson did a successful blood transfusion procedure to a wounded soldier. A portable ice chest that was used to store this blood has paved a way to the development of the present blood banks being used by medics throughout the

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