How Did World War 1 Impact Women's Lives

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World War 1 had a huge impact on women´s lives, it was the spark that lead women have their rights and make a change in society’s perceptions towards women. The reason of this is because during World War 1 men had to go to the war and quit their jobs, this gave women the opportunity to take men’s jobs. More than a million women were able to join the workforce between 1914 and 1918, and they perform many different jobs. Some examples were: postal workers, police patrols, they learned how to produce parts of war machines, they had jobs in the area of engineering and chemical industries, and they were even soldiers. Some of this jobs were also dangerous. Women that worked in munition factories had the most dangerous working conditions and they were even called the “The Canary Girls” because of their exposure with TNT (chemical). Over 400 women died because of the exposure with TNT (Imperial War Museums). Ethel Den, a worker in a munitions factory in London said “Our skin was perfectly yellow, right down through the body, legs and toenails even, perfectly yellow” (Imperial War Museums 1989). Therefore, life for women changed dramatically during the war because they were exposed to a life they have never imagined they would have. Also, women were able to earn more money than before which made them more independent and aware of their amazing capabilities they were able to do. Many women enjoyed their new jobs. There were even propagandas that wanted women to work in the jobs that
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