How Did World War 1 Influenced Dada

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The disaster of World War 1 is ironically called “The Great War to End all Wars” when in actually fact it can be seen as apocalypse where entire generations of young men were wiped out. The turn of the century in Europe showed how the world was changing with drastic advances in technology and industry. However this could not last with the dark shadow of war looming. There is no question that the artists of the twentieth century were influenced by the war which was taking place around them. If there had been no war there is no question that the art from the twentieth century would have been completely different. Fauvism and cubism would move out of the spotlight and war inspired movements such as dada and futurism would take over. This paper will evaluate to what extent World War 1 influenced Dada. Dadaism is an Avant garde movement of anarchic protest against bourgeois society, religion, and art, founded in 1916 in Switzerland by Tristan Tzara, a Romanian-born French poet (Baldick 361). The Dada movement emerged during World War 1 as a reaction to the nationalism which many people believed to have led to the war. Dadaism was influenced by other Avant garde movements such as futurism and its output was varied from photography painting and photography. Dadaism ridiculed nationalistic and materialistic views which had taken over as a result of the war. The mockery of these views proved to be very powerful and influenced many artists across the world in cities like berlin Paris
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