How Did World War 1 Transform West Africa

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In the nineteenth century, new connections transformed West Asia and Africa. The international slave trade was banned and eventually replaced with new kinds of commerce. Also, West Asia and North Africa, as the Ottoman realm sought to halt its decline by adapting some western ways, it alienated Arab Muslims and lost its North African dominions, which eventually came under European sway. If the Great War, later called World War I had never happen. European rule would continue to overwhelmed West Asia and North Africa. European languages, Christian values, and Western ideologies such as liberalism, and nationalism. Furthermore, by these Africans, adapting Western ideals and modern weapons into their African heritage, it would of still lead them to liberation of Africa from European rule.

Asian peoples had few direct connections with the West. Few Asians new about Westerners, and those who did often saw them as “barbarians” from inferior cultures seeking the riches of Asian civilizations. Eventually, however, global connections helped Asian nations gain stability and prosperity. Japan and South Korea flourished, capitalizing on global commerce by blending market capitalism with central state planning.

Europe stood at the peak of world power. If World War I
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Widespread destruction, the deaths of 60 million people, and the use of massive aerial bombing and atomic weapons marked World War II as the most terrible conflict in human history. But the war also brought dramatic scientific, technological, and medical advances that extended human life expectancy and improved the quality of life for billions of people. Out of the appalling suffering came hope for better future and widespread resolve to avoid a third world war. The capitalist West and Communist East struggled for supremacy through series of crisis, any of which could have led to all-out war, all the while striving to avoid such war since it would destroy them
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