How Did World War 2 End The Great Depression

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World War Two Ending The Great Depression In a time, when The Progressive Movement had created hundreds of different reform movements with progressive ideals and when World War Two ended with an American victory in Europe and in The Pacific. It is in this context that the Great Depression had completely devastated the American Economy. Three significant ways World War Two brought The United States out of the Great Depression were the massive amount of wartime production, and influx of new types of workers. Admittedly, one significant cause that brought The United States out of the Great Depression was the New Deal (A). The New Deal brought The Great Depression to an end because the government used deficit spending and created jobs for the desperate…show more content…
The Great Depression was brought to an end because American industries started to produce military supplies in large factories. (R). Most consumer industries were completely transformed, for example, car manufacturers such as General Motors started to make airplane engines instead of cars to support the war effort. These companies that were transformed also manufactured an impressive amount of supplies for the war. The Mattatuck Manufacturing Company was originally a upholstery nail manufacture, but switched to making three million cartridge clips for rifles, a week. These big factories required thousands of workers to produce these large quantities, and the amount of workers at The Alabama Dry Dock was increased by thirty times (War Production, 2007). The GDP of the United States had grew by two times in the years leading into the war. This shows that the production of these goods skyrocketed, which helped save the economy. The GDP grew exponentially through the years before and during the war because the industries were completely focusing on creating these military supplies which had a constant demand (The Depression and the Recessionary Gap)
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