Germany And Ww2 Analysis

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e Compare the impact of World War 1 and world war two on Germany.
In the past century Germany involved in two world wars and in different wars, Germany got different allies. For example Germany was the central power with allies like Austria-Hungary in world war one and Germany was the axis power with the allies like Italy and Japan. However Germany was defeated in both wars and the two wars have great impacts on Germany in different aspects. In this essay I am going to compare the similarities and differences of the impacts of the two world wars on Germany.
Politically, Germany had some similarities and differences on the treatments about WWI and WWII.
Territorial change:
After both of the world wars, Germany had to cede land to her neighbor
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The situation to Germany after WWII is more serious as Germany was divided into four occupation zones ruled by France,Britain,US and USSR and Berlin was also divided into four occupation zones which totally lose her sovereignty as it was under the control of the four powers but Germany can remain her sovereignty after WWI and we can see that the effect of the impact of WW2 to more long lasting to Germany as the occupation zones further divided Germany into two countries-German Democratic Republic and Federal Republic of Germany. ‘Forming the German Democratic Republic(GDR) is partly in response to the formation of the Federal Republic of Germany and the formation of GDR assured that Germany would remain divided for the foreseeable future’(Robert Cole,2004 P.265)The occupation had split Germany and affect the Germans for decades until the unification of Germany in…show more content…
‘It was written in the Basic Law of 1949 that women were equal in status to men. They were given the right to possess property upon the divorce or death of their spouse.
In the GDR (German Democratic Republic), women were given many opportunities – from the right of employment to a certain abortion policy. The rights and privileges granted to German women after World War II were, however, not implemented very well. Laws were written, but they were not practiced in everyday life. More importantly, many of the perceived privileges given to women were often made out of necessity and did not improve the lives of the women.’(Pol O’Dochartaigh,)
Compare the two world war, the development of women status after world war one have a more significant effect as it built up the foundation for the raise of women status in Germany for example give the female who is more than twenty years old a voting right and have more freedom in their living while after ww2 there were laws that more detail protect the women’s right by

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