How Did World War 2 Impact Germany

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e Compare the impact of World War 1 and world war two on Germany. In the past century Germany involved in two world wars and in different wars, Germany got different allies. For example Germany was the central power with allies like Austria-Hungary in world war one and Germany was the axis power with the allies like Italy and Japan. However Germany was defeated in both wars and the two wars have great impacts on Germany in different aspects. In this essay I am going to compare the similarities and differences of the impacts of the two world wars on Germany. Politically, Germany had some similarities and differences on the treatments about WWI and WWII. Territorial change: After both of the world wars, Germany had to cede land to her neighbor countries. After WWI, Germany lost 13% of her territories as she return Alsace-Lorraine to France, ceded Northern Schleswig to Denmark, Hlucin Region of Upper Silesia to Czechoslovakia, West…show more content…
According to the 231 item of the Treaty of Versailles point out that Germany needed to repay the victorious power and their allies of all the property lost and government and citizens. The amount of the reparation is too huge that it takes years to discuss the actual amount. In 1921 April the victorious power meet consensus and force Germany to repay 132billion German marks to the victorious power. Germany had to pay 2 billion German marks per year and 26%of Germany’s export per year. After ww2, there treatment of Germany was more lenient as Germany only needs to pay 20billions for compensation to the allies which USSR received half. Compare the two world war reparation the treatment of ww1 is more harsh than ww2 and this had greater effect on Germany as she printed more money and hope to repay the reparation but lead to more economic problems such as
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