World War One And Its Impact On The Domestic Issues Of America

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World War One led to many changes in the U.S and the world itself, but what affects did it have on the domestic issues of America such as segregation and unjust treatment of African Americans, and women 's suffrage. While greatly affecting domestic issues, World War One led to large changes in the demographics because of migration of african americans from southern states because of oppressive laws and racial prejudice to the northern states. It also changed the roles of African Americans and women on society, and led to women 's right to vote, Being a time of such large impact one might never think of what was happening here in America during World War One but in reality it was a time of much change in America. African Americans roles were beginning to change in society because during World War One from 1914 and 1920, roughly 500,000 black southerners packed their bags and headed to the North, fundamentally transforming the social, cultural, and political landscape of cities such as Chicago, New York, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Detroit. The migration was due to mob violence and racial prejudice and also because farming was growing difficult with a boll weevil infestation that was killing cotton crop throughout the south but the effects were greater than thought…show more content…
African Americans deeply wanted the same respect as whites and fair treatment, some men would risk their own lives to get respect. A lot of African Americans decided to sign up to go to war to gain respect for defending our country and its people. Surprisingly this failed to gain the respect African Americans were looking for. Some men claimed that the white soldiers were racist and that black soldiers were treated poorly and many were sent to fight the french army and said the french were much more equal and fair. Although these events did not attain the intended reactions African Americans wanted it 's still set many precedents and showed that African Americans could fight just as hard as white
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