How Did Ww1 Affect The World

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Although the end of World War I did not resolve any of the conflicts that prompted the war, it had multiple effects on the world in a variety of different ways. It helped the United States to make policies that would help, and also hurt the economy. Fears created from the war brought political changes, and with all the political and economic changes, there was a large magnitude of cultural differences as well. All of these changes brought the U.S. closer to where it is today. There were many presidents that took office from the start of the war to the end, President Theodore Roosevelt was the president in office when the Federal Bureau of Investigation, or the FBI, was created. In April 1919, bombs were mailed to multiple government officials.…show more content…
Because many men had to go serve in the army during World War I, many job opening became available. The Great Migration involved many African Americans migrated north in search of jobs and a less judgmental or racist environment. The same African Americans, along with women, took the jobs left behind by the soldiers. Once the war was over, the United States went into a recession, however, a large amount of people began purchasing automobiles. Statistics show that almost one in six families owned a car. In response to the large demand for automobiles, industries began to grow massively, causing the United States to come out of the recession. After the recession was over, the stock market began to rise from the “pay as you go” method used by most of the people buying cars. Also in 1920, the consumption, distribution, or manufacturing of alcohol became illegal from the eighteenth amendment. In result, many people began “bootlegging”, or making, distributing, or selling illicit goods, alcohol. This caused the U.S. to lose money from not being able to sell or tax the alcohol and make money from it. All of these factors caused the economic changes that occurred from World War
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