How Did Ww2 Affect Canada

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The impact of WW2 played a major role in helping Canada become a more strong, united nation, with equality, respect, and human rights. To begin with, before WWII there was lots of discrimination shown towards minority groups and many other cultures in Canada and because of this Canada created some inhumane mistakes. Canada allowed internment, allowed residential schools, and violation of human rights. When the Holocaust started it was like an eye opener for Canadians because they started to experience what the Holocaust underwent. This made Canadians realize that what they had done was wrong. As stated by Margaret Hoogeveen and Sarah Murdoch in the book Creating Canada “During WW2 Canadians experienced the worst violence that war can…show more content…
Racism was no longer in vogue.” After becoming part of these organizations, racism was not exposed anymore and Canadians started to exhibit more equality and respect for each other. Finally, after realizing the mistakes made and taking actions, Canadians started to participate more in their country but also worldwide. They commenced to take part in their own democracy and began to change their relationships with other people. Prior to WWII, Canada became weaker as a nation but when they started to change their views on minority groups and Canadians from different cultures, Canada became stronger as a nation. Before, a majority of Canadians only cared about their own problems and turned a blind eye to the Holocaust, after shifting their attitude Canada helped out by sending troops to Europe in WWII. It created a shift within civil society by making them promote their organizations even more to help establish strong bonds. As stated by Professor Dominique Clément “This ‘rights revolution’ represented an important shift not only in the relationship between citizens and the state but also within civil society.” WWII really promoted change in equality and human rights by helping Canadians realize the significance of their rights and values and then fixing their mistakes to gain
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