How Did Zeus Love Ganymede

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According to Greek mythology, there was a young, very handsome, prince of Troy named Ganymede. Zeus thought that he would make an exceptional cup-bearer. Zeus sent his pet eagle, Aquila, to bring Ganymede to Olympus. However, Hera was not pleased by the arrival of Ganymede at all. She had two reasons to dislike the boy: firstly, she was annoyed that her husband could have such strong feelings for Ganymede, and secondly, that Ganymede was to take up the position that had once been held by her daughter, Hebe, the goddess of youth. However, Zeus ignored his wife and brought Ganymede, who was often riding on Aquila and always carrying the golden cup, along on his travels. Ganymede was very kind, and he begged Zeus to allow him to give the people
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