How Did Zeus's Journey To Greek

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One day the mighty god Zeus was gazing upon the stars when he noticed all the junk floating around in space. Zeus would not stand for all the junk blocking his view so he decided to do something about it. He summoned all his power and created Galexes. Zeus told the new god Galexes that his job was to keep all the space junk organized. He also said he was never aloud to come back to earth unless it was an emergency. Galexes accepted his new duty and immediately started going up into space. Befor he left Zeus stopped him and gave him a few gifts for his job. The legendary staff called Brain. This staff would give him the power to move around objects in space. He also gave Galexes the strength of 10,000 men so he could have the power to move anything he needed to move by hand. After accepting these gifts Galexes was on his way.

Keeping all the space junk organized wasn 't a very difficult task for Galexes nor did it bother him that he couldn 't stay down at earth. However it did bother him that only Zeus and himself knew he existed , but when he the thought came to mind he would just tell himself that if the world knew about him they 'd be thanking him. He also
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One faithful day NASA sent a satellite up into space. On its journey there it hit’s Galexes junk spreading it far across the milky way. This angered him so much that he went down to earth to talk to Zeus. Not knowing a meeting was being held. When he got there the other gods and goddesses were very confused. So Zeus had no choice but to explain. After Zeus told the story of Galexes he went on and told them about his problem Hades the god of the underworld let him use his Chariot to haul around multiple number of junk at a time. After thanking Hades Galexes went back to space and re organized all the space junk. After he finished he returned Hades chariot thanked him and went back to space. Everything was nice and organized and things were great. until the next 75 years when Halley 's comet
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