Examples Of Authoritative Parenting

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How does differing parenting styles and disciplinary actions affect childhood development?
Every parent wants their child to grow up to be a happy, healthy, emotionally and physically well-endowed person. But would it surprise you to know that your parenting style can affect many things about your children, such as their happiness, weight, and self-esteem? As a parent, it is important to know what style of parenting you lean towards to provide the best care for your children and make sure they are getting everything they need. The tricky part of this is that parenting is a subjective game where it is up to the parents to decide what is appropriate, such as discipline. It is also important to note that every child-parent relationship is different, and that no single type of parenting will produce amazing children every time. Therefore, by observing the different styles of parenting, we will argue what is the best course of action when disciplining your child, and how it can affect children in the long run.
First, it is essential that the reader learns which parenting style you are, keeping in mind that it is common for
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The parents who practice this style often have a nice structure and schedule for their children. They also have consequences and expectations. The difference between authoritative parenting and authoritarian parenting is that children with authoritative parents have a better line of communication. Unlike authoritarian children, authoritative children feel that their voice matters and that their opinion is listened too, which will allow the parents to engage with the child and have more insight into the child’s life and understanding. Hughes and Morin could agree that authoritative discipline tends to result in happy and successful children, as well as children who are more likely to make good
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