How Do Books Influence Frank's Life

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Frank has experienced many things while attending school. Frank’s experiences also taught him numerous things about himself. The experiences he endured greatly influenced him in his decisions that he made throughout his life. Frank learned in school just how strong willed and tough he can be, mentally and physically. He learns how physically strong he is on many occasions. One such occasion is when the masters hit him and he learns how to hold back his tears because “ It is better not to cry because you have to stick with the boys in the school and you never want to give the masters any satisfaction” (McCourt 81). The masters hit the students on the hands with leather straps, canes, and blackthorn sticks. These objects bring great…show more content…
Frank 's goes to school everyday hungry for knowledge. Throughout Angela’s Ashes, Frank is always either reading, writing, or learning. From an early age Frank loved literature because whenever his father came home drunk he was always singing Irish drinking tunes and would tell Frank stories. Frank cherished these stories and looked at them as his stories. The connection he has with the stories is so strong that he protects them with his life and doesn’t let anyone tell them or talk about them except himself. Frank expresses his love for books by spending hours on end in the library reading and learning about saints. Along with reading and learning about books Frank uses literature to get closer to people and build a connection with them. Books are like the key to Frank’s heart. Whenever Frank connects with someone though literature it opens up his heart and he forgets about all the troubles and hardship that he is experiencing. This is evident when Frank describes Mr. Timoney as “… an old man but he talks like a friend and I can say what I feel” (McCourt 178). Frank didn’t know Mr. Timoney before he started reading to him but after they spend time together Frank felt comfortable with him. Another instance was when Frank was in the hospital with typhoid and he met Patricia Madigan. While in the hospital Frank and Patricia had nothing to do other than talk about books and literature.
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