How Do Cartoons Affect Children

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Most of the kids nowadays have got so addictive behavior towards cartoons as cartoons have become a part of the life of a child. Most of the children often watch cartoons in their free time. They usually spend more than 4-5 hours watching cartoon every day. Most of the parent s or adult in the family observe their child watching cartoons to be assure of what content they are watching. Children often learn from the things they watch as it is the best mode of learning. Cartoons have become some kind of role model for the kids as they tend to copy and imitate the characters shown in the cartoons. These behaviors have started to create negative characteristics in the child behavior i.e. aggressiveness and violence. Most of the kids while watching cartoons show joyous mood and excitement. With this they imitate the cartoons and get evolved in them to such extent that they forget the real world. They try to imitate every kind of act the…show more content…
Cartoons may cause depression as well as psychological effect on children. Not only is that, cartoons are gradually making children inactive both in academic and social life. Children are not willing to take part in any outdoor activity; they are becoming shy as they spend most of their time in front of TV sets. Along with this, some cartoons contain inappropriate language that children are learning and which they practice without even knowing the consequences. The analyses of my research showed that majority of children are psychologically affected through cartoons. A child is a quick learner and he/she copies the same thing which they observe in cartoons. Indian cultural andreligious values have started to get involved in Pakistani culture. It’s an alarming situation for our own culture. It is responsibility of parents to give awareness to their children about the harmful effects of these
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