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Children learn best by doing According to Morris Bigge, learning is a long-lasting change in one that is not indicated by genetic inheritance. A change in sight, behavior, perceptions and motivation, or a combination of these may be considered learning. When alcohol, drugs, maturation or reflexes affect behavior then learning has not taken place.
Learning takes place through various means. A child may learn through imitation where he copies the actions of others. Imitation can be bad if the child copies unhealthy practices and good when he imitates practical things. It is believed that children remember things learnt for a long time through role-play. Learning may take place through memorization, which is committing things to memory and is aided by repetition. A teacher may condition a child to do certain things by means of a stimulus. A child may learn something new after trying and failing for a number of times. A child may discover things for themselves through doing research and carrying out experiments. However, the best approach to learning is when the learner gets physically involved.
It is true that children learn best by doing. While each child have different learning styles those who have first- hand experiences more learns best. Some children may prefer to learn through visual aids more but this learning mostly appeal
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They can dissect a Hibiscus flower to learn the actual parts of a flower better. They can mix chemicals to identify reactions in various chemical mixtures. They can take turn in learning how to use the balance effectively with the teacher’s guidance. With the teacher’s instructions they can make levers, pulleys and planes. The children can learn surfaces and textures very well when they use their hands to feel real objects in the learning process. A child can gain a lot through experiments and other hands-on
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