Exemplification Essay: Driverless Cars Will Change The World

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Have you ever thought of how driverless cars would change the world. Or maybe you thought that driverless cars would be good for people in the world. Driverless cars would be great for pedestrians and disabled people. But if you are going to use driverless cars so you can read your kindle or watch something on your ipad instead of taking yourself to your destination, then you’re just being lazy. Being lazy is not a good thing because life is supposed to be filled with challenges and the goal in life is not to get rid of them. Yes, gas money and repairs are expensive but with driverless cars you don't have to pay for any of these things. The reason this is bad is because some of the store clerks selling gas would lose their jobs. Also people who are taxi drivers and uber drivers would their lose jobs because these driverless cars that drive themselves would take the places of taxi drivers and uber drivers. Most people who are thinking that driverless cars are a good thing are people who are lazy at home and have their home looking like a pig stye. The world is getting to the age where they want everything to be where they don't have to do anything for themselves. It's like they want someone else to clean their house for them. We need to go back where people actually did house things without calling…show more content…
Mui is a researcher who has studied the issue of driverless cars and has said that he thinks that driverless cars would not be a good option for consumers. Mui states“Even if theoretical solutions are found, it might be hard to reliably translate them to the real world”(Mui) This quote explains that it might be hard for the driverless cars to fit into society correctly without error. For instance if someone is still driving with a car that drive and the other driverless car goes to turn and the car with a driver goes to go the same way and they can't stop the collision there will be a wreck and more errors like this might

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