To What Extent Do Environment Restrictions Violate Basic Economic Freedoms

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Name: Shah Fahad
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Subject: Ethical Considerations in Leadership
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Do Environmental Restrictions Violate Basic Economic Freedoms?
No, I don't believe that environment restrictions violate basic economic freedoms. This is because according to me there is environmental crisis in the world. However, environmental problem is not seen at a global scale by most of the people but in reality it is seen as a small problem. The real fact is that, the general public is unaware of the accurate information. They don't know which information is clear and which is unclear or how environmental problems differ from one another. For the public, if the area or society in which they live is clean then there are no or less environmental issues. The global changes that take place today are not seen by most of the people. In some cases, these changes are so slow or time consuming that a person will have to invest a certain amount of time to analyze the changes or be familiar with the history in order to know the exact
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The people want a good quality life and a clean environment both to go hand in hand. They believe that environment is a beautiful gift which they have received from their ancestors and it is their responsibility to protect it, in order to pass it on to the future generations. This has build up pressure on various organizations as they have to satisfy their costumers along with the interest of being environmental friendly. These organizations also invest huge amount in research and development to come up with new products which are more eco friendly. Hence, our environment should be protected and preserved through charitable teamwork by each and everyone and not through arguments among

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