How Do Glaciers Affect The Rise In Sea Level

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Glaciers have an impact on the rise in sea level the glaciers melt and causes about .03 inch rise in the sea level per year this is equivalent to 571 trillion pounds of water! Glaciers are responsible for ⅔ of the sea level rising in almost a decade. If it continues it can and will lead to loss in homes, land, and beaches. And the rise if sea level is not just the glaciers, it’s also the ice sheets of Greenland and the ice sheets of Antarctica. If all the world 's glaciers would melt the sea would rise 24 inches, scientist speculate that Greenland’s and Antarctica 's ice sheets melt it has potential to raise sea level a little under 220 feet (66 meters.) Scientist aren 't sure because the warmer the water the more space it takes up, so
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