How Do Honey Bees Affect The Environment

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Land organisms have the ability to regulate their body temperatures in order to survive in the environment and scientists are digging deep in research and observation in order to figure out how the honey bees function in different temperatures of their surroundings. Different variations in temperature of the environment are a facing threat to most land animals and more specifically flying organisms. Because there is a zone in which contains the most compatible temperature for them to have maximum ability to function properly, they will not most likely cannot survive in extreme temperatures. However, the structures and their bodily system such as the proteins and enzymes that provide a solution. It has little effect on the drastically changing …show more content…

In contrast to endotherms, the ectotherms such as butterflies regulate their body temperature by adapting to the environment. This affects their effectiveness in the environment because they must accommodate with whatever their surroundings provide. Much research was shown by evidence how the honey bees survive low temperatures, but scientists are still hypothesizing on how they deal with higher temperature when evidence shows that honey bees do not stop working in hot temperatures. Scientists compared the honey bees to the bumble bees because they hypothesize that the honey bees function similarly to the bumble bees. Because the bumble bees have large abdomens, they are able to radiate and release their heat and cool down effectively (“How Honeybees Keep Their Cool”). Different kind of land organisms have different functions to how they operate at different temperatures. When observing the honeybee, scientists shows how the honey bees adapt to their immediate changes in the environment comparing to the other animals such as the bumble bees, birds, and

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