How Do I Love Thee Analysis

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Weaving words together by collecting the most colorful, strong, deep and meaningful dictions are talented effort poet can do. In Elizabeth Barrett Browning 's " How do I Love Thee?" and Ben Jonson 's " On My First Son" the difference and similarities of tone and speaker usage will be tackled, and the way a poet can use tone and speaker to stimulate a rich affiliation of language, subject and feeling. Speaker is the person , not necessary the author, who is the voice of a poem. The speaker of "How do I Love Thee?" is a shadowy speaker who is insignificant "thee" which is suggested in English as no gender is implied. This insignificant speaker makes the poem readable to both, male and female. Moreover, the shadowy speaker flavored the…show more content…
On the other hand, Ben Jonson 's poem speaker is a devastated and grieving father who is suffering from the death of his first young son, but the speaker is not just any father he is Ben Jonson , the poet himself, " Ben Jonson his best piece of poetry" (line 10). Although Jonson mentioned his name in this piece, it is still available for others to quote as a condolence words in similar situations. Tone , as known in Literature, is the implied attitude towards the poem. In the both poems, the poets are trying to approach their feelings, reactions, viewpoints and indications towards their family relation. In Browning 's poem , the poet is writing about the massive love; the opening line expresses the tone of love and emotional intimacy between lovers. Coming up lines leave the reader with the greatest, intensive and qualified passion the speaker has. This passionate tone drives me as a reader to the worlds of affection, devotion, fondness, desire and endearment, which are waking up all the feelings of love hidden deeply inside me. Interestingly, Ben Jonson 's "On My First Son" played the same role upon me through reading. The tone of this great piece of art is sadness and griving the speaker felt towards the death of his first child, Seven years thou were lent to me, and I
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