How Do Illegal Immigration Benefits America

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How Illegal Immigration Benefits America Illegal immigration has been an issue that people still can’t figure out what to do about,while some people think that it’s bad for the country, others think that illegal immigration actually helps America in many different ways.I believe that illegal immigration should be allowed in America for the economy,families, and to prove that immigration does not pose a terrorist threat to America. Some people may believe that illegal immigration does not help in any way the economy,but I have to disagree. The 11.3 million unauthorized immigrants living in the U.S. pay about 11.64 billion dollars in state and local taxes per year which contributes greatly to helping out the economy.Since in America people are always in need for someone to work, immigrants come and contribute by coming to find and work in jobs,leading to expansion and gaining even more money.This is one of the reasons I strongly believe that illegal immigration should be allowed in America. Another reason I believe illegal immigration should be allowed is because of families.Unauthorized immigrants are often deported leaving one of the most important things they…show more content…
has been motivated by certain Islamic ideas,immigrants who come to America, are usually from Mexico where catholicism is their main religion.Illegal immigrants does not mean these people are terrorist,and that is why I believe that immigration should be
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