How Do Media Affect Events

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How did the media affect events.

Black and white are just 2 different colors. The media sometimes portrays them in different ways. In the court case Plessy v. Ferguson the court ruling was :separate but equal.” And in the court case Brown v. Board of education said that “separate but equal” was unfair and unconstitutional. In the events of integration in the south’s school, such as Central high-the press(media) illuminated and some situations, but also failed to give full picture or an accurate picture of the event.

In the book a mighty long way the press illuminates the events that happened. According to a mighty long way it talks about how some high staff positions that might be available. On page 148 of a mighty long way it says “I watched much of this unfold in the newspapers and television.” This shows how the media Illuminates how far they(Faubus) are willing to go to stop integration, even against their own people. In a mighty long way in a trial it talks about how the media has the power to the peoples decisions. On page 170 it says “Don’t...let time(magazine) tell you what to do in this case.” This shows how the media illuminated the power …show more content…

There have been many photos that loom racist, but this one beats all the other ones by a mile. In little rock girl you can see a picture on page 6 shwing Elizabeth Eckford being yelled at by a white peer, by the name Hazel Bryan. This shows how the media inaccurately depicts events because not all white people acted out like that. You can’t fail with Will Counts. If something was going on he was there. On page 32 of little rock girlWill Counts took a photo of a white man beating up a African American reporter. This shows how the media inaccurately shows how people can’t do their jobs. Most reporters were able to do their job, so this is inaccurate. This proves how the media inaccurately depicts these events with their

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