How Do Native Americans View Themselves

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How do Native Americans view themselves?

“I’m native American, but I feel as though I don 't belong in this society. I wish I could go back in time and live with my tribe. There I would fit in”. Racism has heavily impacted native Americans, and because of this, they are harassed because of who they are. To be Native American is to be bothered and feel like an outsider.

After revising the article from Youtube, I found something said:”proud, forgotten, Indians.” Indians are proud of their traditions, but they are forgotten because no one remembers and knows what they go through. Indians face racism every day because of their skin, so they are forgotten and have been majorly impacted. Native Americans faced harassment backed then and face it now. As I was watching the video, I saw “Redskins picture.” “Indian Man, with feathers on his head, and Indians are impacted from the Redskins “football team,” it 's offensive and affects how Indians feel
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A source of weakness can be a source of strength, and we use it to persevere through our problems like how the Indians will. As I looked at the picture of their tradition, I used “a staff covered in colorful feathers with string linking to other feathers” Indians view themselves as strong and a supportive community that embraces their culture, no one should make them feel different. Everyone should feel protected, no one should be more powerful. After looking at the facts “Sage Honga, 22, is photographed at the Grand Canyon, a place of great importance to her people, the Hualapai.” Everyone should have their own opinion of what 's important to them. Shouldn 't be viewed differently because so. Native Americans are humans too and can have their personal beliefs and
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