To Kill A Mockingbird Perception Analysis

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Perception is the process by which we formulate and translate our sensory impressions. Perception is the way we interpret the world all around us. People behave according to the way they see or believe their surroundings to be rather than the way they actually are. Our life experiences, the positive and negative, add to the impressions we form. It is common to base our impressions on the roles and social norms expected of others. (caciopoo & freberg, 2013) On a daily basis we are encompassed by familiar surroundings. Perceptions are affected by different events throughout our life. The experiences of life mold our way of thinking. For instance, a dog bite. Someone who has been bitten by a dog may now have a fear of dogs. For this…show more content…
I recently watched a movie, Mockingbird Don’t Sing, based on true events. Until the age of 13 this child was imprisoned by her parents. Locked in a room, tied and immobile; enduring years of isolated silence punctuated by brutality. While in this room, she was chained to a potty chair during the daytime. At night, she was forced to sleep in a makeshift cage; made from a crib. She had never learned to speak, nor had she ever seen natural light. Today she is in her early 60’s and confined to a nursing home for the mentally ill. She never learned to speak.
Regardless of how well balanced a child’s diet is, or how well intellectually stimulated they are, not experiencing human touch can stall their mental, emotional, or physical growth; potentially for years. (how do nature and nurture influence human development, 2017) Research also shows orphaned children who lack touch early in life experience altered levels of oxytocin and vasopressin which are two important hormones for social bonding. Touch is crucial for human survival. Babies abandoned by human touch may not thrive, may lose weight, or even die. These children also have a lower level of growth hormones; depriving a child of touch can stunt their growth. Additionally, touch helps the brain to develop. The impact is huge; affecting both adolescent behavior as well as the mental development or emotional growth of adults. The debate over the significance of nature versus nurture influencing human development
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The scent of smell plays a critical part in our lives; protecting us from gas leaks, the smoke from a fire, or from spoiled and rotten food. (caciopoo & freberg, 2013) Smell may also influence our relationships whereas personal hygiene goes unrecognized. Our sense of taste is directly related to smell resulting in a loss of appetite and difficulties with cooking. With the loss of this sensory, relationships can suffer. Couples often feel unconnected when their well-known comforts of life are suddenly gone. Such as, no longer having the ability to recognize the smell of their mate, or the smell of home when you walk in the front door. The frustrating loss of smell also affects the taste of food; resulting in a reduction of cooking. The feeling of isolation can most definitely influence
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