Parents Influence On Children

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The goal of my current proposal is to study how parents/families in general influence their children’s development and their behavior. Parents can influence their children by their actions, behaviors, hobbies, etc. We may not notice this influence, but day-by-day our behavior, from the way we move to the tone of our voice, is shaping the way our children will act for the rest of their life. Parents influence their child’s social skills, hobbies, work habits, personality, feeling towards others, etc. Parents are role models for their children. It is from them that children adopt certain values and life skills. Children also learn how to express emotions and deal with problems of life from their parents. Lack of parental
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I choose this topic because I have lots of interest in it and I wanted to learn more about children. As we learned earlier in psychology that adult’s actions do reflect on kids, Miss.Thomson shared with us a video of the Bobo Doll experiment done by Bandura, in which children that saw adults beating up a Bobo Doll did the same things to the doll. The following video convinced me to think that kids do get influenced by adults and I linked this theory into this particular topic because adults can be anyone, it could be the children’s parents, uncle, brother or even a sister. I am also interested in this topic because I want to figure out how kids get influenced and why they get influenced. Is it because of their age and how developed their brains are, or is it because their parents are the only ideal perfect figure that they see while they are growing up and that leads to them to follow up to their parents. I personally wanted to pick this topic and research to find answers to all my questions as well as getting a chance to learn more about children. I would like to learn about children because I have little siblings of my own and I would like to know what will benefit them, what I can do to help them or how I can set to be a good role model for them. I would also like to learn about children and how parenting influence them in order to figure out why some of the kids in the day care I am currently doing my community hours in act like the way they do. What causes some of them to be very shy, aggressive, unfriendly or friendly, outgoing or even
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