How Do Parents Severe Mental Illness

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Attention is drawn to the issue of parental severe mental illness and the ethical implications. Parents with mental illness deal with many challenges that affects family members. Parents dealing with severe mental illness have a difficult time with daily living tasks. Additionally, parents have not only themselves to look after but their children as well. Parents tend to struggle with their own mental health problems which tend to be heightened if he or she lacks support and is single. Parents with mental illness experience more stress and problems with taking care of their children due to discipline. Furthermore, parents with mental illness may deal with hospitalization, child custody issues, issues with finances, and substance abuse. Parents with mental illness may have problems holding down a job which causes financial…show more content…
Also, counselor should be aware of their limitations. Counselors need to maintain current knowledge of child development. The main ethical consideration consist of coordinating services to help parents with a mental illness. Based on IAMFC ethical codes counselors need to respect clients and not make decisions for families. Furthermore, counselors needs to follow the guidelines of confidentiality and privacy for the client. Tend to agree with Spiegelhoff and Ahia (2011) that counselors need to consider involuntary hospitalization if parent’s mental illness is severe or to the point if the client is in danger to self or others (p. 392). Counselors may need to collaborate with child protective services in order to provide safety and stability to the child well-being. It is imperative that counselors communicate with other professionals such as medical and child protective services from preventing any issues. According to IAMFC ethical code D collaborating and communicating with other professionals may help prevent any conflict of interest and any confusion that may harm

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