How Do People Achieve The American Dream?

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The American Dream, a concept that one is bound to achieve success in America if one works hard enough to seek it, stands as a prevailing, almost fairy-tale like, idea across the globe for people who yearn for a better life. These people have various motives: some wish to be more financially stable, some may be in desperate need to escape persecution in their home country, and many have other reasons. However, it is not always the case that people immigrate willingly; in fact, a portion of the immigrant population in the United States constitutes people who had no say in moving to America. This situation is mostly observed in undocumented children and teens who were brought by their parents or relatives when they were still very young. Although they did not …show more content…

They are living the American Dream, but achieving it is a different story.
The past several months have been a challenging moment for the American Dream. The current political climate has led many to question: Is the American Dream still a notion that people can aspire to achieve? The path to fulfilling the dream is in fact a rough and largely an unpleasant one. Let alone the undocumented population in the country, people who are legal residents and citizens who belong in a minority group or are colored still face systematic oppression from the society. But undocumented children, in particular, are finding themselves in an even more hostile environment. The circumstances surrounding the lives of these young people often take emotional toll from them, and they face tremendous amount of pressure from both the society and their family. To their family, they are expected to excel in school and attain a good job in the future. Often, they are seen as an invaluable investment, who can some day improve the living conditions of

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