How Do People Create New Ideas In Inherit The Wind

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Over time people have showed that they are open to new ideas and will go against what is seemed as “normal” in their society. These ideas have formed news ways of life and made people think of new ways to share their ideas and beliefs to others around the world. Weather it be with families passing ideas down to their kids, society only looking at one belief, or people forcing others to follow them and their beliefs, people will always have an opinion for their own and will share their ideas with others. News ideas started forming and people became less dependent on one persons ideas and realized it was better to listen to a variety of them. The play Inherit The Wind does a great job of showing how people can develop ideas for their own and listen to other people to form new ideas. The town of Hillsboro was used to…show more content…
The young boy chose to follow there religions being Hinduism , Christianity, and and Islam. This act was looked down upon but the young boy had some respect from his parents on what he was doing. The people who disliked this act most was the religious leaders because they wanted Pi to chose one religion and care for it the most.” But he cant be a Hindu, a Christian and a Muslim. Its impossible. He must chose” the leaders here are showing how they strongly dislike the boys decision and want him to change quickly. “there is no mistake, said the priest. I know this boy. He is a Piscine Molitor Patel and he 's a Christian”,the leaders also argue about which religion is best for the boy but he does not listen and continues to follow all three religions respectively. This is showing how one man/boy can make a huge impact on their society and cause drama or hatred to themselves by as it shows if you continue to fight for your rights or what you believe in people will soon

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