How Do Princess Fairy Tales Identify And Modernize Snow White?

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With sex trafficking being on a rise, along with different kind of princess stories who do not wander into the woods, I felt it would be appropriate to use a classic tale and modernize Snow White with a common issue today. Princess fairy tales are known for key morals and values for children to understand at an early age. Often these stories would include stories of a princess upset and courageous who begin to leave their home, finding their prince charming just by luck, and living happily ever after without any consequences of their actions. In the real world however, this does kind of luck does not happen. Not every runaway story ends with only a wolf bothering a young female, and not every male stranger that a girl runs across is going to be a good guy, or destined to be their prince charming.…show more content…
The Queen is known for having jealousy issues against Snow White, but jealousy is not always the cause for being vindictive and ruining another person’s life. In my revision, I did not include a jealous trait upon anyone. Instead, everyone assumes Snow is too naïve to attempt to run away from the castle in the woods. I kept the setting of in the woods, since forests and wood areas are broad and can carry many details about which country the woods could be in. Castles are all over the world, but everyone has an almost similar image of a brick castle, dark interior full of pictures and images that show the history and age of the castle. Since castles are so large, they usually include a dungeon for the enemies, or for someone to be held captive
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