How Do Rollershoes Affect People's Culture

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Several months ago, I encountered a family at the playground in my university. A couple were teaching their little daughter hardly reaching their waist sliding. I stood aside, watching the little girl shaking back and forth. Undoubtedly, rollershoes have been in recent years sharing great popularity with people both young and old. Rollershoes have been a hot topic of their daily life and many people have their own say of rollershoes. Some contend rollershoes offer them the opportunity of enjoying the exciting and entertaining sliding, whereas others consider rollershoes are potentially hazardous for the wearers due to the unstable property of rollershoes. Rollershoes from my perspective are inclined to impose severe threats onto people’s well-being. Firstly, rollershoes can cause serious physical damage to people wearing the shoes. Wheels facilitated, rollershoes make it possible for the wearers to slide at nearly any smooth concrete ground. Nevertheless, wheels are capable of shifting directions easily, which in turn adds the difficulty of people’s controlling over it.…show more content…
Rollershoes culture is a kind of culture emphasizing on competing on extreme tricks rather than entertainment. That goes against with the initial idea of rollershoes to wear for fun. Unfortunately, young people are hunters of excitement and danger, which makes them more vulnerable to the unhealthy culture of rollershoes. What makes it worse is that young people's easy access to rollershoes empowers them to develop such culture. Also, such culture may alienate young people from their parents and friends. Surrounded by a group of crazy sliding lovers, young people are likely to spend most of their time practicing, and thus ignore their study tasks, stay away from friends and talk less with their
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