How Do Romeo And Juliet Make Decisions

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“Good people fall in that town, but only strong people rise again.” (Myers 128) In the stories of Romeo and Juliet and Street Love, Juliet and Junice have many similar characteristics and are faced with many of the same challenges . On the other hand, they are very different in many ways, such as lifestyle and how challenges are dealt with . Juliet comes from a rich family, who provides and controls her decisions which disables her from being independent. The bad part about her family and the nurse supporting her so much is that she has no freedom of making her own decisions in her life. Junice, who lives in poverty and has nobody on her side to guide her through making the right choices for the future because he mom is in prison. Juliet and Junice both are deeply in love with the man of their dreams, but to be able to be with the man of their dream…show more content…
For example both girls need someone backing them on their decision on who they are going to fall in love and be with forever. In this situation Juliet has so much from her family that it disables her from making decisions on her own. For instance, Juliet’s parents made the decision on who she going to marry, when actually Juliet already was in love with Romeo and had zero interest in Paris. (Rom 4.1.) Juliet parents supported Juliet so much that when it came to making a decision on her own, she literally crashed and burned because she had never made that big of a choice on her own. “They have taken who I am as well as my what I was and i’m desperate for them both again.” (Myers 25) In contrast to Juliet, Junice has absolutely no support in her life since her mother Leslie Ambers was placed in Bedford Hills Prison for selling illegal drugs. Compared to Juliet, Junice has no aid on the choices she makes for her and her little sister, basically leaving her making adult decisions at young
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