Seventh Graders Make A Difference Essay

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Seventh Graders Can Make a Difference Rejected, helpless, outcast. Alone and looking outside in. The problem of inhumanity plagues our community and world today. There are many ways that seventh graders can help to improve the world. I feel that helping the community and empowering people in general is the overall best way to make a change as seventh graders or other youth. That extra bag of food that you gave to the homeless man or the box of clothes that you donated to the shelter down the road makes a difference. Even just helping someone up if they fell down really empowers our community with positivity. We need work toward a better future now and become a closer community. There are so many reasons for people to be living the lives that they are. Their lives might not consist of sports cars, mansions, and the finest meat for every meal though. For instance, 14.3% of people in California have low income jobs or are below average. Many homeless people are being passed by on the street…show more content…
For instance, the 5 cents that they donate per each water bottle purchased actually can make a difference. Just imagine, people need/drink water ALL the time. The amount of water bottles they sell per day is probably very high so the 5 cents most likely adds up over time. In the case of the excuses for homeless people, I disagree. In most cases, homelessness is caused by mental illnesses, abuse, and financial problems. While many people are homeless because they aren’t willing to try to get back on their feet, we seriously need to consider what kind of situation they are in. They might not be mentally or physically able to. Also, it is very rare that someone would impersonate a veteran. It is especially important that we help them because they spent most of their lives serving our country and they shouldn’t have to go through so much hardship after going through so much

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