Viewing And Playing Sports Affect A Person's Life

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Sports are an activity that are involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. Many people introduce sports early on in life and keep it as part of their lifestyle for quite a few years. The type of sport people play is greatly influenced by the country they live in and the values and traditions they were brought up with. For my research paper I gathered information from my two primary sources and 11 secondary sources to talk about how some factors of watching and playing sports have affected their lives in some type of way. I lined up a few questions to ask my primary and my secondary sources to get a better insight of whether watching or playing sports affect a person. A preview of the questions that I…show more content…
She told me that her favourite sport(s) to play where soccer and free skating and her favourite sports to watch were soccer and hockey. I asked her why is one of her favourite sports to free skate and if it had to do anything with possibly living in Canada a country whose favourite sport is very prominent and known to many people and countries, a physical sport named hockey. She said that moving to Canada definitely spiked her interest and love of skating and hockey. This answer made me wonder whether moving to a different country, especially at a young age, made a person gain new interests from a sports perspective. I then followed up with a question that came to mind, if you did not move do you think your interest in the sport would be as strong as it is now (after moving and coming to Canada) or would you not have the same amount of interest. After a minute or so of thinking Ella told me that she probably would still like hockey but not to the same degree and she definitely would not like free skating as
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