How Do Stigmas Cause Hindrances

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For many people, stigmas have caused hindrances in their life which in turn have a negative effect on their life and self being. Nobody means to be placed in a stigma! It is not something somebody goes and seeks to do, but society has created standards of living that seem normal and fair. When someone dares to step outside these boundaries they often are cast into stigmas. Stigmas can reap havoc in many people’s lives and cause negative effects within their personal lives. In many ways, stigmas cause hindrances and therefore effect those who have been stigmatized in a negative way. One effect that stigmas have caused for those who have addiction is the lack of encouragement for the sake of sobriety. Sobriety sometimes takes encouragement from others who are around the person in recovery, stigmas have the adverse effect on these individuals. Without the proper encouragement, these individuals may never have the chance to live a life of sobriety. This is the negative impact stigmas have caused for these individuals. This involves the lack of help, inspiration, reassurance, cheer, and praise. These aspects are crucial and can make all the difference in an…show more content…
Not all homeless people want to be on the streets and regardless living on the streets takes will and strength just to get through the day, stigmas cause despair for these individuals and sometimes make it impossible for some to find a better quality of life. Some homeless people are striving to create a better quality of life. Stigmas prevent these individuals from reaching that goal by creating despair. Despair affects their being by developing hopelessness and anguish from within preventing them from the ability to find a way out of their position. In the same way, this stigma affects their personal being causing it very difficult to journey through their day. Which sometimes leads to much worse out comes

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