How Do Sugary Drinks Affect Health

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Sugary Drinks and Health How bad are sugary drinks and what makes them so unhealthy? Sugary drinks such as soda and sports drinks affect the health of the human body in negative ways. Soda can affect the immune system, cause obesity, and lead to diabetes and heart disease. The chemicals from plastic bottles can even cause cancer. People are left in the dark and are ill informed about sugary drinks. With a lack of knowledge about its effects on the body, thousands of people drink it more often than water and receive major health problems. Sugary drinks are very unhealthy and are terrible for the body. Sugary drinks affect the immune system in a negative way. When drinking soda, people miss out on a lot of nutrients that fruit and vegetable juice contain. According to Reader 's Digest, soda can deplete calcium and magnesium levels which are essential nutrients to keep the immune system in top condition. When sugar is…show more content…
The consumption of cloying drinks is no small problem and must be taken seriously. Even drinking one or two cans per day can raise the chances of getting type two diabetes by twenty six percent. Many people see these drinks as tasty and okay for good health, but this is a complete misnomer. One study was taken and said that men who have one or more sugary drinks a day are more likely to have heart attacks than those who rarely have them by twenty percent. The increased amounts of sugar in drinks like this are dangerous and cause poor health. Sugary drinks cause major health problems from a weak immune system to heart attacks. This must never be left or forgotten in oblivion. Consuming sugary drinks is a deleterious habit which lowers the body 's ability to fight disease. In addition, it is a leading factor in America 's obesity epidemic. Surprisingly, almost half of America 's obese population drinks an excess amount of sugary drinks. In conclusion, sugary drinks are major health risks that are destructive to the human

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