How Do Teachers Fail In Life

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HOW TEACHERS CAN HELP STUDENTS WHO FAIL IN CLASS TO SUCCEED IN LIFE Teachers are not just pillars of school, but they are the pillars of society, nation and an individual. They play a vital role from shaping student’s personality to shaping their career. With increasing awareness for education, demands for qualified and hardworking teachers are stacking up. There are approximately 1.3 million schools in India which means there is a rise in jobs in education sector and thus, teaching training becomes necessary so that it can cater to every school and its teachers. Unfortunately, some schools are not able to up their game because of high number of failed students leading to discrediting of schools most importantly their heads. Here are some ways how Teachers Can Help Students Who Fail in Class to Succeed at Life. Remedial classes- There is no denying that practice makes a man perfect but for practice one needs to be taught consistently and keeping mind the level if students and his/her pace to do things. Although most students join tuitions/institutes to cope with studies but not everyone can afford tuitions as it takes a toll on their money. Consideration for slow learners as well as underprivileged should be taken into account and followed on a regular basis. These classes can be taken at the end of the last class on fixed days. This will ensure that slow learners are at an equal pace with sharp students. And for that, teachers should also be given some perks so that
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