Teachers Measured In Life Essay

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Teachers are not just pillars of school, but they are the pillars of society, nation and an individual. They play a vital role from shaping student’s personality to shaping their career. With increasing awareness for education, demands for qualified and hardworking teachers are stacking up. There are approximately 1.3 million schools in India which means there is a rise in jobs in education sector and thus, teaching training becomes necessary so that it can cater to every school and its teachers. Unfortunately, some schools are not able to up their game because of high number of failed students leading to discrediting of schools most importantly their heads. Here are some
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A teacher taking feedback from students or vice versa helps both to consider a need to evaluate and improve the performances and students gain greater personal responsibility for their own learning and become more aware of their own academic performance. Monitoring from a distance is done from any position in the classroom depending upon the length of classroom and strength of students gives a possibility of tuning in on different conversations. Preparing questions to ask at the end of the activity and noting their response and answers to the questions should be done on a regular basis. Therefore, careful monitoring provides and interactive and comprehensive learning…show more content…
This applies in almost all countries. Most common cause of depression and anxiety in pupils is the result of failure and high school drop outs. Mental health should be given utmost importance and immediate therapy should be held before the matter gets out of hands. Having counselors in school has become so crucial as a school counselor is the first one a student has immediate access to. They not just help treat mental illness but also with relationship, family, behavioral problems, career, high school prep,
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