How Do Video Games Affect The Brain

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Has your mother/father ever tell you that video games can badly effect your brain or health? Well it’s partly true but there is also good effects that can come from video games and parents usually don 't let their children play video games because they only know the negative effects.Little did they know those bad effects are most likely to happen to kids who play for long periods of time, so instead of not allowing kids to play just limit the time they play.

The good effects that come with video games is that some video games can train your brain to make quicker decisions without losing accuracy, and other video games can actually improve hand eye coordination,fine motor, and spatial skills by training the brain to make more decisions. It also enables the brain to perform at high rates and comprehend harder things. first person shooters gives the brain a workout by making it keep track of the character, and what it’s doing.Video games also have negative effects on your health mentally and physically.(American academy of neurology)
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Other negative effects like muscular,postural, skeletal disorders, and carpal tunnel, nerve compression and, or tendonitis can affect people who play for long periods of time. For some kids video games can raise anxiety levels and can make them less social, or completely anti-social in general, or can even make them a bit more violent/aggressive.(Harvard
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