How Do Video Games Influence Unethical Behavior

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What is to blame for the corrupt behavior in teens? Do video games influence unethical behavior? Should we really blame something that just brings joy to a kids life? Video games began to be popular around the 1980s and have blown up since. With recent violent crimes done in schools its making parents worldwide look for something to blame, and with the new advances in technology, video games have gotten more lifelike than ever. Although video games are becoming more realistic with time, they do not ultimately influence hostile behavior because we cannot jump to conclusions, most studies came back inconclusive, and they keep teens out of trouble. As a nation we are jumping to conclusions and wrongfully accusing video games from ruining teens…show more content…
Video games for most teens are addictive, so in theory keeping them inside and away from getting into trouble with the law. In an article on CNN Christopher Ferguson, associate professor and co-chairman of the Department of Psychology at Stetson University, stated,” "Basically, by keeping young males busy with things they like, and this would include everything from playing sports and collecting stamps to playing first-person shooter video games, you keep them off the streets and out of trouble," I know not all teens are into video games as others,but they are out of trouble for the most part and not being influenced to do dangerous things. This means that teenagers that are off the streets and playing video games are getting into less trouble than the ones that are not. Video games are not manipulating teenagers to do terrible and immoral things, because looking for something to denounce rather than finding the real issue with some kids and not the right thing to do. If there are some troubled kids out there that hurt others, chances are it 's not going to be because of video games. The 2nd point is there is no evidence to support that video games are pressuring kids to be hostile to others. Finally, video games are keeping kids off the streets and inside where they are not in trouble but rather playing video
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