Social Media Good Or Bad Research Paper

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How do you feel about social media? Do you think it is good for you or bad? Social media is beneficial for many things. In my family everyone uses social media.They know what 's the latest, and they know what 's happening around them. My brothers and I use social media for homework all the time. When we do not know a word we search it up or when we do not understand something we search it up. Although people say social media can be bad, and say rude things to you from online, you can always block them. The internet doesn 't have to be bad unless people make it bad. People would start fake accounts or say things that are unnecessary, make it seem that the internet is bad. Social media is helpful for many things. Jobs are easier to find on social media. Although you can find jobs in person it is easier to find it on social media. You can google what job you want and it pops right up. According to Erick Qualman,"Social nomics 2018" says "93 percent of buying decions are influnced by social media". You can get your job or company out "there". If you make an account on instagram or snapchat and post things about your company or job it is more likely for people to see it. They can spread the word from person to person, which makes your company or job get bigger. People do it all the time. People make accounts on instagram and show…show more content…
According to Erick Qualman, author of Socialnomics 2018,"Social Media is the number one activity on the web". "One in five relationships meet online. Three in five gay relationships meet from on line". The people who is LGBQt, probably like dating on the web instead of dating in person. Although it can be better if you date in person you can see them, and you can talk to them face to face. People usually get picked on because who they are and what gender they like. If they date on the web they won 't get picked on/bullied. It can be safer if you date online because nobody will find

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