How Do You Sympathize Napoleon's Reaction To Dumas '?

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Entry #20 Dumas definitely has some weaknesses and strengths in this book. He made me feel many different emotions such as happiness, anger, sorrow and sympathy. One of the weaknesses in this book was the fact that he jumped around from subplot to subplot; at times, it was very confusing. Although he did jump around, the events were in great detail, and helped me better understand what was going on. I, personally, enjoyed this book and would recommend to anyone who was looking for a little adventurous novel, with a sprinkle of spunk. One connection I made to my life was a close one leaving you when you had no idea how to talk to them. It was a strange experience and I feel that definitely connected with me the most in the novel. Entry #21 My knowledge of this time period influences how much I sympathize for the characters and their actions. One major event in France at this time was the rise and fall of Napoleon Bonaparte and his followers. I understand how the accusation of being a Bonapartist would be very deadly to the family and themselves. One event, as an example, would be when Villefort prefers to help his father and make Dantes look guilty when he is, in fact, innocent. Noirtier, Villefort’s father, actually supports Napoleon and since Villefort doesn’t want to be associated with the Bonapartists due…show more content…
“Along Came a Spider”. Vengeance is Mine. 2008. CD. The song “Vengeance is Mine” by Alice Cooper perfectly sums up The Count of Monte Cristo. This song discusses how he must revenge those who put him into jail. It relates to the book because the song talks about how his imprisonment led to his perfect planning of how he would wait patiently until he could get the revenge on them. In the song, the line “Vengeance is Mine” is repeated multiple times, just as the idea is inferred from the book. Monte Cristo was very excited to escape jail to live out the next couple years of his life dedicated to revenge. And yes, the vengeance was
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