Schizophrenic Behaviours In Secondary Schools

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Both parents and educators want young people to succeed in their academic, personal and social lives. They want young people to have the motivation and ability to achieve and establish positive relationships with their peers and adults, to adapt to the complex demands of growth and development. To assist students to accomplish these tasks, schools are increasingly challenged to offer more than basic instruction in the traditional academic areas. In response many schools have adopted programs targeting one or more categories of problem behaviours such as violence, drug use, risky sexual behaviours or early school withdrawal. · Identify key concepts relating to SEWB and SEL. Social and emotional issues are at the heart of the problem behaviours that plague many schools, communities, families all of which reduce learning time, educator’s energy, children’s hope and opportunities. Recent years have witnessed a growing portion of school-aged children experiencing a myriad of social, emotional, and behavioural problems that interfere with their interpersonal relationships, school success, and their potential to become competent adults and productive citizens (Greenberg et al. 2001). School is particularly important as a social and learning…show more content…
Students with good school and good social connectedness are less likely to experience subsequent mental health issues and be involved in health risk behaviours, and are more likely to have good educational outcomes. School connectedness, however, includes relationships with peers, teachers, and learning. Thus, the challenge is not whether school or social connectedness is more important, but how we can promote both school connectedness and social connectedness in forms that promote learning and
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