How Does 9/11 Affect Joe's Life

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Joe B. has seen and been in crises and wars. “But 9/11 is a day that no American will forget,” said Joe. September 11, 2001 has affected Joe’s life, but also gave him a new perspective in life. At the time when the first plane had crashed into the North Tower of the WTC he was in Maine. Joe had been working for a company called General Electric (GE) training new employees how to inspect weaponry on fighter jets. Joe B. has inspected and stamped many jets including F-16’s, F-15’s, F-14’s, A-10’s and many more. He got the news from his friend that day that a tower has been hit in NY by a plane. When the first plane crashed he thought it was an accident, but when the South Tower was hit he knew that it was terrorism. Joe didn’t have any relatives
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